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Legendary Goat Football Women's Classic T-Shirt

by akyanyme

Design Legendary Goat Football Women's

<p> Fan of the Barcelona football player Lionel Messi? Admire this portrait made by artist Akyanyme. The football player is serious. Maybe he is getting ready to shoot a penalty kick or a stopped kick. </P> <p> Messi is an Argentine football player who has spent most of his career in Barcelona, Catalonia. He was so small as a child that no club believed in his potential. But the Pulga, his nickname, never gave up. To achieve his dream, he started injecting growth hormones every night at the age of eight. Today, whether in a club or selection with Albiceleste, he wears number 10. </p>

This Legendary Goat Football T-Shirt also available for kids and for Big man.

 Legendary Goat Football for Women's Classic T-Shirt
21.44 $

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