Why join us ?


Sell ​​your work on our platform is simple. All you have to do: submit your artwork. We validate and you earn money! When you sell a product, we will produce, package and ship it to the buyer, like that you can focus on your next artwork.

1. You control the rights of your works

The proposed works are yours forever. We distribute a royalty on each of your works produced on site. If one of our professional partners wants to produce one of your models in series. We will contact you to begin a negotiation.

2. Add new creations

You send us artwork through your artist space. For each picture, you set the price of the product.

3. You choose the selling price

For each product, you offer the sales price you want.

4. You make the promotion of your products

Share the link to your work on your twitter profile, facebook or even your site portfolio in order to increase your sales.

5. You follow your gains

When your works of art is sold. It is produced, packaged and shipped, and you get paid. You can track your earnings on your account. View products that sell ... Each reversal takes place early in the month.

Example: A product sold on January 5 will be recorded and set the following month. Ie in February.