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Nose Mouth Mask

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Nose Mouth Mask
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DIY fabric mask tutorials flourish on the canvas. Some hospitals call on textile factories or hospital staff to make fabric masks. But rather to make them yourself, we suggest you make them, and print them with the pattern of your choice, photos, or texts.

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To protect against the epidemic of COVID-19 or other viruses, barrier gestures are very effective. Wearing an FFP2, FFP3 or surgical mask is preferable. But in times of crises, masks are available for nursing staff, cashiers ...

This does not mean that you have no right to protect yourself! In order to limit the spread of the virus, it is important to put on a mask so as not to receive postilions from others or to send them on others.

We do not sell patterns for you to make your mask yourself. We suggest that you send the mask already sewn and printed with your montage, creation.

The cloth masks protect

"You can wear a cloth mask when you are allowed to go out, but under several conditions. I think the problem is the misuse of masks. People use them without knowing how to put them on and how to remove it. You must follow a procedure to avoid contamination, ”says Pr. Odou, mentioning the risk of putting his mask on his chin, then sliding it back on the nose, constantly touching the filter area as well as his face.

Prof. Odou adds that the mask must be washed systematically once it is removed and at least 30 minutes at 60 degrees to be sure to destroy the contaminating agents. The World Health Organization (WHO) notes that it is necessary "to remove the mask without touching its front part". You must clean your hands before and after handling your mask with a hydroalcoholic solution or with water and soap and wear the mask so that your nose and mouth are covered.

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