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Gilet Jaune Stop aux taxes Mousepad


Rectangular mousepad with a thickness of 3mm.

The mouse pad has a dimension of 27 * 19cm.

Soft mouse pad with white textile surface 100% polyester
Fine foam structure, thickness 3 mm
Non-slip rubber base

Design Gilet Jaune Stop aux taxes Mousepad

<p> Want to support the movement of yellow vests against the government? Here is a printout on which it says Stop Gasoline Rises, Higher Taxes. Tired of being a cash cow? Join this pacifist group trying to be heard in the street. Protesters stand out because they wear a yellow safety vest. </P> <h3> Need a yellow vest per person in a vehicle </h3> <p> In your car, you need at least one next to the windshield to pass the dams! </p>

 Gilet Jaune Stop aux taxes for Mousepad
11.64 $

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