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Friends Cigaret Electronic case with Necklace Lanyard


Design Friends Cigaret

<p> Beautiful printed Friends who plays with texts. On the print it is written Flirt like Joey, Dress like Rachel, Cook like Monica, Live like Phoebe, Care like Ross, and finally Joke like Chandler. </P> <p> You also vibrated during ten years before this American sitcom. This gang of crazy people sitting at the Perk Central New York, Manhattan, so do not hesitate to dress your phone with the case friends, or to decorate your home with our wall clock perk. </P> <h3> The characters of Friends </h3> <ul> <li> Joey Tribbiani by Matt Leblanc </li> <li> Monica by Courteney Cox </li> <li> Phoebe by Lisa Kudrow </li> <li> Chandler by Matthew Perry < / li> <li> Ross by David Schwimmer </li> <li> Rachel by Jennifer Aniston </li> </ul> </ul> <h3> The series </h3> <p> Fan of friends, this series lasted 263 episodes, in 10 seasons. From 1994 to 2004. The series tells the daily life of these six friends, as well as the evolution of their professional and emotional life for ten years. </P>

 Friends for Cigaret Electronic case with Necklace Lanyard
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