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Chopper Cigaret Electronic case with Necklace Lanyard

by JuanCharles

Design Chopper Cigaret

Chopper is one of the lovable yet quirky characters from the popular One Piece anime series. He is a reindeer who ate the Devil Fruit, which gives him the ability to transform his body into various animal forms. Chopper is best known for his child form, which is actually a version of himself with a big head and big eyes. To decorate his room, opt for a one piece poster. He is also extremely strong despite his small size, and he is an expert doctor. In addition to his physical abilities, Chopper is also very intelligent and able to communicate with other animals. He is a loyal friend and a vital member of the Straw Hat Pirates.

 Chopper for Cigaret Electronic case with Necklace Lanyard
12.94 $

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