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Bleach Ichigo case for Wiko Fizz


Bleach Ichigo phone case

Bleach's story takes place in an alternate version of our world where shinigami, the angels of death, protect the human species and souls from the dead of the hollows, the bestial form of lost souls.

This incessant struggle, invisible to the eyes of a very large majority of humans, is made with the help of Zanpakutō, spiritual swords linked to their masters who can transform themselves.

This alternative reality is made up of several parallel worlds among which, besides the Earth, are among others the Soul Society, the world of shinigamis (aka paradise), the Hueco Mundo, the world of hollows (tortured souls) and Hell (where evil spirits go who have done evil deeds in their earthly life)

Kurosaki Ichigo

He is a 15-year-old high school student at the beginning of the series . He has always been different from others: he has naturally red hair, unlike his family who has hair in brown / black tones, and recently Ichigo sees ghosts and communicates with them.

His zanpakuto is called Zangetsu.

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Production time : 16 days
Shipped between 04/08/2020 and 06/08/2020

This Bleach Ichigo case by Mobilinnov represents excellent value for money as well as excellent protection for your Wiko Fizz. It is made from a tough polycarbonate, which will shield your device from impact damage and accidental drops.

Custom moulded to the Wiko Fizz, protecting all the corners and leaving cut-outs for the important features including the charging and headphone sockets.

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Keep the design of your Wiko Fizz with this slim protective shell. This Wiko Fizz case has a design developed in collaboration with KAVALLA named Bleach Ichigo.

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