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Our range of KAVALLA Hisense U962 cases and accessories offers an extensive assortment of unique and stylish designs to choose from. Almost all of our cases are made within 24 hours and have been designed by our exclusive network of creative and talented artists from across the globe. Our artists strive to create stylish and stunning images that can accommodate any taste or preference, and we offer literally hundreds of creative and unique personalised phone cases to choose from, which are updated regularly to provide our customers with a wide variety of new and fresh looks for their devices.

The series

Fan of friends, this series lasted 263 episodes, in 10 seasons. From 1994 to 2004. The series tells the daily life of these six friends, as well as the evolution of their professional and emotional life for ten years.

  • Jul Rap Case for Hisense U962 divider product Music
    24.7 $

    Jul Rap Hisense U962 case.

  • Meliodas Case for Hisense U962 divider product Cartoon
    19.5 $

    Meliodas Hisense U962 case

    Meliodas is the former head of the Seven Deadly Sins, as the Dragon of Wrath. His Sacred Treasure is the Lostvayne Demon Sword and his main ability is the Full Counter. He is also the former leader of the Ten Commandments. In appearance, Meliodas looks like a child about 12 or 13 years old, but in reality it is a man over 3000 years old.

    Is Meliodas dead?

    Warning SPOILERS, is Meliodas the leader of the seven deadly sins really dead? Without much spoiler, Meliodas is not dead. He will be reincarnated into a slightly older person, and will be able to wear a t-shirt of Meliodas Adult!


  • Sasuke Sharingan Rinnegan Amaterasu Fan Art Case for Hisense U962 divider product Cartoon
    19.5 $

    Sasuke Sharingan Rinnegan Amaterasu Fan Art Hisense U962 case.

  • Jack Daniels Fan Design Case for Hisense U962 divider product Food
    24.7 $

    Jack Daniels Fan Design Hisense U962 caseIllustratie voor alcoholfans "JACK DANIELS" Jack Daniel's is een Amerikaanse Tennessee whiskystokerij opgericht door Jack Daniel in 1866 in Lynchburg, Tennessee. Het bedrijf is sinds 1957 eigendom van de Brown-Forman Corporation. De flessen zijn herkenbaar aan hun vierkante vorm en hun zwarte label. Volgens de website van Jack Daniel, de oprichter, Jack Daniel, werd geboren op 23 november 1846, hoewel we weten zijn exacte geboortedatum niet, omdat de geboorteaktes bij een brand in het gerechtsgebouw werden vernietigd. Als zijn geboortejaar (1846) correct is, zou hij op 20-jarige leeftijd de goedkeuring hebben gekregen om distilleerder te worden, de distilleerderij die als stichtingsdatum het jaar 1866 claimde. Volgens de biograaf Peter Krass boekt de boekenregisters het land laat zien dat de distilleerderij pas in 1875 werd gesticht..

  • Breizh Bretagne Case for Hisense U962 divider product Flag
    16.9 $

    Breizh Bretagne Hisense U962 caseFlag illustration of Brittany "BREIZH" Breizh is the Breton name for Brittany. It is thus found in toponymy as Breizh Izel (Lower Brittany) or Kreiz Breizh (the center of Brittany). We can also meet this name with the spelling Breiz - without h because the name is fixed in the nineteenth century, before the appearance of a standardized spelling of Breton - as in Tro Breiz ("Tour de Bretagne"), a pilgrimage catholic which connects the cities of the seven founding saints of Brittany..

  • Princesse Grimace Case for Hisense U962 divider product Cartoon
    16.9 $

    Princesse Grimace Hisense U962 case

    Here is a crazy print. We can admire the princesses make faces. Aurore, Belle, Ariel, Cinderella, Alice, Snow White and Jasmine are showing in this image.

    And you, what is your favorite princess?


  • AcDc Guitare Gibson Angus Case for Hisense U962 divider product Music
    24.7 $

    AcDc Guitare Gibson Angus Hisense U962 case

    Let there be rock, rock or bust? or even guns n roses. Music fan? and hard rock? If you also enjoyed this legendary band led by bassist Cliff Williams, and guitarist Malcolm Young then what do you think of this print acdc poster to decorate your room, or as acdc black ice case to have the accessory trend for your mobile. This musical group with their gibson sg guitar filled the biggest stadiums for their concerts like the Stade de France.


  • Princess Mononoke Case for Hisense U962 divider product Cartoon
    18.14 $

    Princess Mononoke Hisense U962 casePrincess Avenging Spirits or Princess Monnoké is a beautiful movie. This fan art is a vibrant tribute to dress your Hisense U962 phone case with this green world! The landscapes of the film were inspired by the Yakushima forests and the Shirakami-Sanchi mountains.

  • deutz fahr tractor Case for Hisense U962 divider product Nature
    20.8 $

    deutz fahr tractor Hisense U962 case.

  • BTS DNA FanArt Case for Hisense U962 divider product Music
    20.8 $

    BTS DNA FanArt Hisense U962 case.

  • Casa de Papel Mask Vilain Case for Hisense U962 divider product Movies
    18.2 $

    Casa de Papel Mask Vilain Hisense U962 case.

  • Itachi Blood Eyes Raven Akatsuki Case for Hisense U962 divider product Cartoon
    16.9 $

    Itachi Blood Eyes Raven Akatsuki Hisense U962 case.

  • Not Today Arya Quotes Case for Hisense U962 divider product Movies
    16.9 $

    Not Today Arya Quotes Hisense U962 caseWhat do we say to the god of death? Not today. Syrio Forel tells Arya Stark. This character was the first to train Arya with the sword in season 1. In season 8, the red witch Melisandre recalls the motto to the young Stark, after reminding her that the prophecies are meant to be realized. Indeed, predicting that she would close forever "brown eyes, blue eyes and green eyes." These words made sense in the last episode since the blue eyes that Melisandre was referring to are those of the King of the Night..

  • Deku One For All Case for Hisense U962 divider product Cartoon
    16.9 $

    Deku One For All Hisense U962 case.

  • Kendji Girac Case for Hisense U962 divider product Music
    16.9 $

    Kendji Girac Hisense U962 case.

  • lamborghini Case for Hisense U962 divider product Motor
    24.7 $

    lamborghini Hisense U962 case.

  • Punisher Skull Case for Hisense U962 divider product Skulls
    20.8 $

    Punisher Skull Hisense U962 case

    The Punisher is a powerless hero. His family has been decimated, and he lives to take revenge. Under the name of the vigilante lies Franck Castle played by Jonathan Edward Bernthal in the Netfix series.

    Franck Castle

    Frank Castle is a character from the Marvel universe. He first appeared in The Amazing Spiderman # 129 in February 1974 and in France in Strange No. 107 in November 1978. The Punisher is usually dressed in black with a huge white skull on his chest. He knows only one kind of punishment: death, given violently.

    The Defenders

    He is part of the team called Defenders with the super heroes Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and Iron Fist.


  • Harley Davidson Skull Engine Case for Hisense U962 divider product Motor
    16.84 $

    Harley Davidson Skull Engine Hisense U962 case

    Fan of the motorcycle brand? Whether your bike is new or used, you can be proud of it. Admire the next print with this majestic eagle who stands on the grille of a burning skull.

    why harley davidson

    With such a motorcycle, you can have life turnkey of a biker like Johny Halliday. For clamping and unclamping at Harley which are totally reversible and allow to actually enjoy two bikes! But also for the myth.

    Which harley to choose

    There are bikers and there are bikers. All Harley, or at least the major part, starts without a key with a simple transpodor in the pocket or with a pin code that is operated on the handlebars. just that, me it makes me want. The other strong point at Harley is the sound of the exhausts. This point is essential because it is on the basis of the sound of the exhaust that an impression of speed is multiplied. Dyna, Street Glide, Fat Boy or Freewheeler.

  • Splatoon Case for Hisense U962 divider product Games
    12.94 $

    Splatoon Hisense U962 case

    Fan of the video game splatoon? Protect your nintendo switch console with a custom case, or cover with your favorite wallpaper. Add even your nintendo id as text in your personalization to create unique protection. And if you want to protect your iPhone or Samsung, we also have the phone case you need.

    Nintendo Switch Carrying Case

    Our nintendo switch shoulder strap that we market for Laptop in small size will be a perfect storage for your portable console, and its different games. With this bag, you can play anywhere, and especially carry your console with these cables, amiibo and chargers.

    Multiplayer Online

    When playing multi in Splatoon, the action takes place on the TV screen but also on the map that appears on the GamePad screen and which allows the player to move from one place to another with a simple touch. If you ever want to customize your joycons or nintendo switch box with stickers, contact us, and we'll tell you how.


  • Overwatch D.Va Bunny Tribute Case for Hisense U962 divider product Games
    12.94 $

    Overwatch D.Va Bunny Tribute Hisense U962 case.

  • Tinkerbell Secret of the wings Case for Hisense U962 divider product Cartoon
    11.64 $

    Tinkerbell Secret of the wings Hisense U962 case.

  • Je peux pas j ai Pokemon Case for Hisense U962 divider product Cartoon
    12.94 $

    Je peux pas j ai Pokemon Hisense U962 caseWhether you're looking for a smartphone case, a men's tee with a round neck, or a long sleeve tee. You are in the right place. Our teeshirt and patterned sweatshirt I can not I have Pokemon you will go wonderfully. After playing Pokemon, finding rare pokemon, and installing Pokemon Go, are you finally going to another activity? Impossible ! Hunting is never over, and there are more questions waiting for you. Where to find pokemon? How to hack or cheat on Pokemon Go or how to sell my pokemon cards. There is no secret if you want to become the best trainer, you will have to play again and again. So put a stop to those who ask you to do something else with this message I CAN NOT I have Pokemon! Who is behind Pokemon? Pokemon is a game published by Nintendo. We manufacture besides cases to personalize your nintendo. How to install Pokemon Go? To become the best trainer, you must already install the application on your mobile by going to the apple store for an iPhone or google play for an android smartphone. How to catch them all? You have to get some pokeballs and throw them on the pokemon you come across during your virtual reality quest..

  • Je Suis Une Fée La Fée pachié Case for Hisense U962 divider product Joke
    12.94 $

    Je Suis Une Fée La Fée pachié Hisense U962 case.

  • Indochine 13 Case for Hisense U962 divider product Music
    19.5 $

    Indochine 13 Hisense U962 case.

  • Scania Griffin Case for Hisense U962 divider product Motor
    22.1 $

    Scania Griffin Hisense U962 case.

  • Naruto Evolution Case for Hisense U962 divider product Cartoon
    24.7 $

    Naruto Evolution Hisense U962 case

    Naruto Fan, the nine-tailed fox demon, rasengan powers. Here is the evolution of the Naruto character. On the print we see him grow up to the child who was rejected by all, to the grown-up who became Hokage, and protector of his village of Konoha.


  • Kakarot Goku Evolution Case for Hisense U962 divider product Cartoon
    24.7 $

    Kakarot Goku Evolution Hisense U962 case.

  • Kaamelott Perceval Sire on en a gros Case for Hisense U962 divider product Movies
    19.5 $

    Kaamelott Perceval Sire on en a gros Hisense U962 case

    Who is perceval

    Perceval is a character from Kaamelott fiction. In a middle age, and under the reign of King Arthur. Perceval can not read or write. He quickly loses the thread of the conversation as soon as one uses words that are too complicated and often mixes in all the slightly supported terms or other pictorial expressions, making his speech rather difficult to follow.

    The best Quotes from Perceval

    1- "Once, at a performance, I approach a girl.To laugh, I make him:" You are the family of hanged? "... C was her sister, hello approach! "

    2-" I'm not saying (talking about the date of her birthday) [...] At the time when I said it , everyone forgot to wish me, it made me cry, it puffed me up, I stopped. "

    3-" In the Languedoc, they call me Provençal. I'm the one who told me my name, otherwise, in Brittany, it's the Big Pheasant to the south, and to the north, it's just Ducon .. "

    4-" But look not to make rotten sentences ... We have big, that's all! "


  • Jagermeister Case for Hisense U962 divider product Food
    24.7 $

    Jagermeister Hisense U962 case

    Jägermeister is a manufactured liquor. This drink grading 35 ° is based on medicinal plants. The 56 herbs that go into its composition are kept secret.

    How is Jagermeister liqueur made

    The whole recipe is kept secret, but some ingredients are known: ginger, cinnamon, anise starry, green cardamom, orange peel. According to different sources, the liqueur also contains liquorice, cloves, chamomile flowers, saffron, lavender, rosehip berries, coriander, nutmeg, yarrow , seed of paradise, pepper, sandalwood, juniper berries, poppy seeds, ginseng ...

    The plants are crushed and soaked in neutral alcohol and pure water, then the whole is left to macerate in oak barrels of 10 000 liters for a year at least. Before bottling, add liquid sugar, pure water (to lower the degree of alcohol to 35 °) and caramel as a coloring.

    What does the deer represent?

    / h3>

    The deer head surmounted by a glowing cross between its antlers. This cross is a reference to Saint Hubert and Saint Eustache, patron saints of hunters.


  • Scania Track Case for Hisense U962 divider product Motor
    24.7 $

    Scania Track Hisense U962 case

    There's John Deer for farmers, and Scania for truckers! Scania is a Swedish manufacturer of heavy trucks and coaches as well as industrial and marine engines, which belongs to the German group Volkswagen.

    The truckers and Scania

    For the lovers of the Scania was born in 1969, when the 14-liter V8 and the 350-hp LBS140 S appeared. This truck was way ahead of its time, since it had been equipped with the tilting cab since its 1968 launch. an in-line engine of 10 l and 285 hp. It immediately caused a sensation by its power and also by its solidity at a time when in particular in France, the commercial powers of the engines revolved around 220 to 280 hp, as for example the Saviem SM.


  • Groupe dintervention de la Gendarmerie nationale - GIGN Case for Hisense U962 divider product Grunge
    24.7 $

    Groupe dintervention de la Gendarmerie nationale - GIGN Hisense U962 case

    The French National Gendarmerie is an armed force in charge of police missions. Unlike the police, its members are soldiers.

    Missions of the gendarmes

    The Gendarmerien National carries out three types of missions: judicial police under the control of the judicial authority (prosecutor, judges of instructions), administrative police under the control of the administrative authority and military missions.

    Gendarme at the GIGN

    The GIGN, the elite unit of the gendarmerie. GIGN is specialized in crisis management. He intervenes in the fields of terrorism, banditry and the security of the vital interests of the nation. The GIGN is composed of five complementary forces:

    • The Force of Intervention
    • The Force of Security and Protection
    • The Force of Observation and Research
    • The Operational Support Force
    • The Training Force

  • Naruto Sakura Sasuke Team7 Case for Hisense U962 divider product Cartoon
    19.5 $

    Naruto Sakura Sasuke Team7 Hisense U962 case

    Team 7 is also known as the Kakashi Team. It includes the 3 most important members of Konoha. Naruto, Sakura and Sasuke. These 3 children grew up together, and endured the most difficult tests. Everyone wanted to be the best, and they both surpassed each other to reach levels of chakra never seen.

    Naruto Uzumaki

    Naruto finds the little one Sakura very pretty, he loves and does everything he can to seduce her (which he will never do). As for what he thinks of Sasuke, it's his best friend, and rival at the same time.

    Sakura Haruno

    Sakura does not support Naruto at first to admire him as the manga develops. Nevertheless, she remains passionately in love with Sasuke who will become her husband.

    Sasuke Uchiwa

    Having had a traumatic childhood, he does not love anyone, and just wants to become the most powerful to achieve his revenge but his thirst for power will finally allow him to save the world.


  • French Fries by Fortnite Case for Hisense U962 divider product Food
    20.8 $

    French Fries by Fortnite Hisense U962 case

    Are you hungry, want french fries, what's delicious with potatoes? Here they are cooked by the Beef Boss chef from the kingdom of Fortnite!

    how to make french fries

    After interviewing Beef Boss himself, here's the recipe! You need potatoes and oil! Start by slicing the potatoes. The secret of Beef Boss? To improve the taste, put them in water to rinse and remove the starch. Finally put the oil to heat to 160 °, and cook for 10 minutes. Stop cooking and repeat a second time in a bath at 180 ° for 5 minutes. Your fries will be better than in Belgium!

    who invented french fries

    This succulent dish was invented by street vendors on the oldest bridge in Paris after the Revolution from 1789.


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