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We are proud to offer you the exquisite designs that have been created by our very own Rome native Emiliano Mociano (AKA Ateyo). Emiliano's passion for art and design led him to attending art school where he could perfect his amazing talent, and now that talent is shared with our customers to be displayed on their custom Alcatel One Touch Pop C7 cases. Emiliano loves to play with his favourite characters, creatures and designs by adding an abstract twist to his art and has a strong love for the detailed animation that Disney films provide, striving to produce artwork with the same detail and originality.

Star Wars fans will drool over his incredible storm trooper tribute that he calls “trooper streaks”, which is a modernistic artistic representation on the Star Wars villains. In addition to this, his tributes to various themes such as Star Wars, as well as Ultron, give a fun and artistic spin to these iconic characters and are the perfect complement for any custom mobile case.

We take great pride in the fact that Emiliano Morciano is part of our amazing team of brilliantly talented international artists and we love with his various works of art. One of our favourites is his “Raptor Egg”, which features a frighteningly lifelike image of a baby raptor clawing its way out of a shell.

However, if you're simply looking for a little inspiration for your very own design, then Emiliano's artwork can more than deliver and you can use our unique designing tool to create an image that is all your own. At Mobilinnov, we let you be the artist you want to be – so why not try using Emiliano's work as a starting block for your own design dreams.

Not only do our customised phone cases look amazing they also offer amazing damage protection, due to our use of high quality polycarbonate material to custom mould our personalised Alcatel One Touch Pop C7 cases. It couldn't be easier to give your mobile phone a great new look with the unlimited style options at Mobilinnov!

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