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Spiral Tech Screen case for iPhone 14 Plus


Spiral Tech Screen phone case

My dear friends, I invite you to a fascinating visual exploration. Imagine yourself in front of an illustration that is not just an image, but a window open to the world of the infinitely small, the world of technology. From the first glance, your eye is drawn to a mesmerizing spiral that seems to be constantly changing, a visual representation of perpetual motion. This spiral is made up of thousands of luminous points, like stars in a technological galaxy. Each point is a pixel, a small universe of light and color. The background of the illustration is a subtle gradation of blues, evoking the ocean of digital data that surrounds the spiral. The deep blue on the outside gradually brightens towards the center, creating an effect of depth that draws the eye to the heart of the spiral. And then there are the lines. Thin white lines run through the illustration, creating an intricate network reminiscent of the circuit boards that form the heart of our electronic devices. These lines are the paths taken by information, the highways of data that allow our connected world to function. This illustration is not just an image, it is an ode to technology and interconnection. It's a vision of the digital world that hides behind every screen, every device. Looking at it, you see not just a spiral of pixels, but the ceaseless movement of data, the constant exchange of information that keeps our modern world spinning. It's an invitation to dive into the digital universe, get carried away by the dance of pixels and explore the world of technology like never before.

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Production time : 5 days
Shipped between 26/07/2024 and 30/07/2024

This Spiral Tech Screen case by Mobilinnov represents excellent value for money as well as excellent protection for your iPhone 14 Plus. It is made from a tough polycarbonate, which will shield your device from impact damage and accidental drops.

Custom moulded to the iPhone 14 Plus, protecting all the corners and leaving cut-outs for the important features including the charging and headphone sockets.

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Keep the design of your iPhone 14 Plus with this slim protective shell. This iPhone 14 Plus case has a design developed in collaboration with akyanyme named Spiral Tech Screen. The Akyanyme artworks are created from start to finish on Fireworks CS and MangaStudio EX, using mouse and wacom. Each individual object is outlined, colored, shaded, lightened and detailed. Our favorite style it's like GTA concept art.

Iphone 14 Plus will be marketed from October 9, 2022. The iPhone 14 Plus has a 6.7-inch panel. The 14 and 14 Plus models make do with the same chip as the iPhone 13, the A15 Bionic. This is probably one of the main novelties of this new iteration of the iPhone: it is now possible to use the phone to make satellite calls.

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