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Outlander Collage Baby short sleeve onesies


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<p> Outlander is a series. Scotland. A temporal journey. An incredible love triangle. Here are some of the ingredients of "Outlander". Outlander or The Thistle and the Tartan in its literary version. </P> <h3> A love triangle </h3> <p> All the Outlander salt lies in the inner dilemma that is eating away at the Claire heroine. Lost between two epochs, she is torn between her husband Frank Randall in 1945 and Jamie Fraser, a young warrior of the Highlands in 1743. The triangle is all the more complex that Claire can not travel to envy between the two eras. She feels the desire to go home to her husband, then not to give up Jamie, her new love. </P> <h3> An ounce of magic </h3> <p> It all starts with Claire's visit and of Frank near a circle of raised stones. By touching one of her stones after the ritual, Claire is catapulted two centuries into the past. Magic only happens with little touches. </P>

 Outlander Collage for Baby short sleeve onesies
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