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Hello big Worlf Baby short sleeve onesies

by Mj Da Luz

Design Hello big Worlf Baby

<p> Do you know the story of Little Red Riding Hood? Mj Da Luz, Spanish artist is a great FAN. That's what made him want to create this work called Hello Big Wolf. The author of this tale is Charles Perrault. </ p> <h3> Abstract Little Red Riding Hood perrault </ h3> <p> Little Red Riding Hood crosses the forest to visit his grandmother. The little girl arrives at her grandmother's and falls into the trap of the wolf. She notices that he has big teeth, and big ears. But alas it's too late. The wolf ends up eating it <p>. <H3> What is the morality of red chaperon? </ H3> <p> The wolf, symbol of evil, represents the men to be wary of. Young girls should be wary, and should not listen to strangers. Little Red Riding Hood, victim of abuse, deception will be eaten. </ P> <p> Did you like this story? so why not protect your mobile phone with our red chaperone case or decorate your desk with our mouse pad of the wolf and the red girl. </ p>

 Hello big Worlf for Baby short sleeve onesies
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