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Cartman Going Home Baby short sleeve onesies


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<h3> Who is Cartman? </h3> <p> Eric Théodore Cartmane is one of the main characters in the animated television series South Park. He is the only son of Liane Cartman, a single mother claiming to be hermaphrodite and having conceived Eric herself. Cartman is considered the "big fat" of the band and his obesity is often subject to ridicule. </P> <h3> Personality </h3> <p> Cartman's personality can vary from episode to episode, even if his principal is stubborn, racist, homophobic, manipulative and all traits that are unpleasant. In some episodes, we can see that Cartman is a big fan of Hitler. The other children despise him; his unwelcome, manipulative and propagandist behavior occasionally allows him to influence them. His cult sentence, in a general way, is: "I piss you off and go home! "</P>

 Cartman Going Home for Baby short sleeve onesies
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