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Calavera Dias de los muertos Women's Classic T-Shirt

Design Calavera Dias de los muertos Women's

<p> Here is a mexican calavera skull with flowers on a black background. The image is very colorful, and will allow you to <a href="/case/apple/iphone7/">customize an iPhone 8 case</a> or another smartphone with a phone case pattern calavera. Use this print to create a trendy accessory for haloween or to celebrate the day of death. A Mexican belief made famous by the cartoon Coco de disney. </P> <h3> Mexican calavera </h3> Calavera means skull or human skull in Spanish. The feast of the dead is celebrated in the Mexican culture since the 1920s. It is customary to go to a cemetery and the tomb of the dead to offer the calavera as an offering. This will feed the soul of the deceased. </P> <h3> Tattoo Calavera </h3> <p> In addition to offering you a suitcase calavera, or a tshirt skull, the day of the dead or dies You can make up, and put an ephemeral tattoo of a calavera. The skulls are also often surrounded by flowers and many details and colors, creating the charm of the drawing. </P>

This Calavera Dias de los muertos T-Shirt also available for kids and for Big man.

 Calavera Dias de los muertos for Women's Classic T-Shirt
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