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Batpop Women's Classic T-Shirt

by Edwoody

Design Batpop Women's

<p> Do you like batman, the joker and the whole gang? Edwoody has brought you the favorite characters in a pop art atmosphere. On the image you will find only villains. Will you recognize them? </P> <h3> Who are Batman's enemies? </h3> <p> There's no Batman, Robin, or Alfred and Gordon. Only Bad Guy's! We find the crazy card who likes to smile at every torture he inflicts is the Joker. We have already crossed in a case lego with the image of the Joker! On these sides we find Catwoomen and a character we do not know. On the second line, we find Harley Quinn and miss poison. And on the last and third line, you can admire the scarecrow, double-sided and the penguin. And who is your favorite villain? </P> <h4> Which of these villains killed Bruce Wayne's parents? </H4> <p> Did you know? None of these. For this murder, they are all innocent. Joe Chill is the murderer of Thomas Wayne and Martha Wayne. He's just a thief, not a bad guy. </P>

This Batpop T-Shirt also available for kids and for Big man.

 Batpop for Women's Classic T-Shirt
19.5 $

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