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Meliodas Women's Classic T-Shirt


Design Meliodas Women's

<p> Meliodas is the former head of the Seven Deadly Sins, as the Dragon of Wrath. His Sacred Treasure is the Lostvayne Demon Sword and his main ability is the Full Counter. He is also the former leader of the Ten Commandments. In appearance, Meliodas looks like a child about 12 or 13 years old, but in reality it is a man over 3000 years old. </P> <h3> Is Meliodas dead? </h3> <p> Warning SPOILERS, is Meliodas the leader of the seven deadly sins really dead? Without much spoiler, Meliodas is not dead. He will be reincarnated into a slightly older person, and will be able to wear a t-shirt of Meliodas Adult! </P>

This Meliodas T-Shirt also available for kids and for Big man.

 Meliodas for Women's Classic T-Shirt
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