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Kaamelott Perceval Sire on en a gros Kids T-Shirt


Design Kaamelott Perceval Sire on en a gros Kids

<h3> Who is perceval </h3> <p> Perceval is a character from Kaamelott fiction. In a middle age, and under the reign of King Arthur. Perceval can not read or write. He quickly loses the thread of the conversation as soon as one uses words that are too complicated and often mixes in all the slightly supported terms or other pictorial expressions, making his speech rather difficult to follow. </P> <h3> The best Quotes from Perceval </h3> <p> 1- "Once, at a performance, I approach a girl.To laugh, I make him:" You are the family of hanged? "... C was her sister, hello approach! "</p> <p> 2-" I'm not saying (talking about the date of her birthday) [...] At the time when I said it , everyone forgot to wish me, it made me cry, it puffed me up, I stopped. "</p> <p> 3-" In the Languedoc, they call me Provençal. I'm the one who told me my name, otherwise, in Brittany, it's the Big Pheasant to the south, and to the north, it's just Ducon .. "</p> <p> 4-" But look not to make rotten sentences ... We have big, that's all! "</p>

This amazing design is also available for girls, and man.

 Kaamelott Perceval Sire on en a gros for Kids T-Shirt
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