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octopus Blue cartoon Kids T-Shirt

by sophie Rousseau

Design octopus Blue cartoon Kids

<p> Do you like marine animals like octopus? Here is a very beautiful blue color on a gray background. The octopus is part of the family of octopodids. </P> <h3> how much brain has an octopus </h3> <p> The octopus has eight tentacles. There are hundreds of suckers on each tentacle. It has 250,000,000 neurons and a brain distributed in nine places (part of the nervous system in each tentacle and the rest in the head). </P> <h3> What does the octopus eat? </H3> <p> Common Octopus feeds mainly on crustaceans (crabs, lobsters), molluscs (gastropods and marine bivalves), but it eats just about anything it can catch. </p>

This amazing design is also available for girls, and man.

 octopus Blue cartoon for Kids T-Shirt
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