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Corto Maltes Fan Art Kids T-Shirt


Design Corto Maltes Fan Art Kids

<p>Twenty-nine adventures, whose internal setting spans from 1904 to 1925, shape the many facets of the personality of Corto Maltese who, if he remains elusive, takes on the appearance of the mysterious, romantic and anarchist, libertarian and seducer4, lucid and ironic5. He crosses his time as a witness always withdrawn from events. </P> <h3> Who is corto maltese </h3> <p> Corto Maltese is a cartoon character created by Hugo Pratt. It is a sailor and adventurer who gave his name to the cartoon series Corto Maltese. Twenty years after the death of Hugo Pratt, it has been taken over by two Spanish comics authors. </P>

This amazing design is also available for girls, and man.

 Corto Maltes Fan Art for Kids T-Shirt
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