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Seven Deadly Sins Lightweight Hand Luggage Bag - Cabin Baggage


Easy to carry with only 2.5kg, this bag cabin baggage size of 28L is the ideal companion for short trips! Travel in comfort with a unique suitcase ! And with its unique design , no more stress than your suitcase never happens on the treadmill at the airport

Push-Button retractable trolley system
Innovative PC zipper design - Strong and Light!
4 Wheel Spinners for ease of maneuverability the 360 degrees movers
Robust, Smooth, heavy duty zippers on main body that can be locked

4 multi-directional wheels rotate 360 ​​°
Height adjustable trolley system
2 handles for convenient carrying hand
TSA lock with code
Double inner compartment

Dimension: 58 * 37 * 26cm

Design Seven Deadly Sins Lightweight

<p> Fan of manga, and more particularly Nanatsu no Taizai Seven Dealdly Sins Streaming. We propose a FAN ART in an orange tone. </P> <h3> What are the 7 deadly sins? </H3> <ul> <li> Acme / Paresse </li> li> Avarice </li> <li> Anger </li> <li> Envy </li> <li> Gluttony </li> <li> Lust </li> <li> Orgeuil </li> </ul> <p> In this anime, each character represents the seven most powerful Knights of the Kingdom of Liones, each member has a phenomenal strength that is associated with one of the 7 sins. <h3> What are the sins of members? </h3> <ul> <li > Meliodas, anger </li> <li> Diane, envy </li> <li> Ban, avarice </li> <li> King, laziness </li> <li> Gowther, the lust </li> <li> Merlin, gluttony </li> <li> Escanor, pride </li> </ul>

 Seven Deadly Sins for Lightweight Hand Luggage Bag - Cabin Baggage
123.5 $

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