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Boxing Balboa Team Mousepad

by akyanyme

Rectangular mousepad with a thickness of 3mm.

The mouse pad has a dimension of 27 * 19cm.

Soft mouse pad with white textile surface 100% polyester
Fine foam structure, thickness 3 mm
Non-slip rubber base

Design Boxing Balboa Team Mousepad

<p> Boxing fan? You dreamed in front of Sylvester's courage and strength of character Stalonne in the role of his life Rocky Balboa. Here is a print to embellish the product of your choice Join the Balboa team now! </P> <h3> Rocky Balboa </h3> <p> After opening the saga of this extraordinary American boxer with appolo creed, here is Stallone announced that he was hanging up the gloves! He believes it is time to give way to the younger generation. The new hero of the saga, Adonis Johnson Creed, is played by Michael B. Jordan. </P> <h3> Apollo Creed </h3> <p> Adonis Johnson, son of boxer Apollo Creed, best friend of Rocky Balboa who died under the blows of the Soviet Ivan Drago during a fight at the top. Subsequently the boxer Balboa learns that Appolo had a son. He decides to train him to become a champion. </P>

 Boxing Balboa Team for Mousepad
11.64 $

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