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French Fries by Fortnite Mousepad


Rectangular mousepad with a thickness of 3mm.

The mouse pad has a dimension of 27 * 19cm.

Soft mouse pad with white textile surface 100% polyester
Fine foam structure, thickness 3 mm
Non-slip rubber base

Design French Fries by Fortnite Mousepad

<p> Are you hungry, want french fries, what's delicious with potatoes? Here they are cooked by the Beef Boss chef from the kingdom of Fortnite! </P> <h3> how to make french fries </h3> <p> After interviewing Beef Boss himself, here's the recipe! You need potatoes and oil! Start by slicing the potatoes. The secret of Beef Boss? To improve the taste, put them in water to rinse and remove the starch. Finally put the oil to heat to 160 °, and cook for 10 minutes. Stop cooking and repeat a second time in a bath at 180 ° for 5 minutes. Your fries will be better than in Belgium! </P> <h3> who invented french fries </h3> <p> This succulent dish was invented by street vendors on the oldest bridge in Paris after the Revolution from 1789. </p>

 French Fries by Fortnite for Mousepad
11.64 $

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