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Weed Cannabis Disobey Men T-Shirt

The classic: this men's short-sleeved t-shirt with short sleeve is made polyester. The double seam at the bottom of the sleeves, at the base and the collar, guarantees its quality and good finish. Guaranteed comfort. Weight: 190g / m². Composition 100% polyester.

- European Cup
- 100% polyester pre-shrunk ring spun 185 gr / m²
- Band of cleanliness from shoulder to shoulder
- Apparent seamless collar
- Sleeves and bottoms of the double-needle finish T-shirt
- Sizes S to XXL

Design Weed Cannabis Disobey Men

<p> Do you like to smoke, and take care of your health? We offer a unique design to customize your phone case, or our Disobey T-shirt. </ P> <p> In the illustration you will see a green background representing a hemp plantation. On top, there is a sheet of white cannabis. </ P> <h3> Where to find weed? </ h3> <p> It depends on which country you are in. In the United States, weed delivery is as easy as pizza delivery at home. In France, the sale and consumption is illegal, but it is very easy to find on the darknet or social networks such as Facebook. </ P> <p> Once your weed in hand, put it in our box Cannabis storage. </ p> <h3> Why smoke weed? </ h3> <p> We will describe what cannabis can cause in the consumer. Cannabis will amplify the sensations of the moment, good as well as bad. A good physical and mental condition will make a pleasant moment, while the opposite can lead to unpleasant experiences. </ P> <h4> The consequences of cannabis </ h4> <ul> <li> Euphoria </ li> <li> lightness </ li> <li> Changing the time </ li> <li> Loss of memory </ <li> <li> Paranoia </ li> <li> Bad trip </ li> <li> Deconcentration </ li> </ ul>

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 Weed Cannabis Disobey for Men T-Shirt
18.2 $

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