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Je suis une licornasse Men T-Shirt


The classic: this men's short-sleeved t-shirt with short sleeve is made polyester. The double seam at the bottom of the sleeves, at the base and the collar, guarantees its quality and good finish. Guaranteed comfort. Weight: 190g / m². Composition 100% polyester.

- European Cup
- 100% polyester pre-shrunk ring spun 185 gr / m²
- Band of cleanliness from shoulder to shoulder
- Apparent seamless collar
- Sleeves and bottoms of the double-needle finish T-shirt
- Sizes S to XXL

Design Je suis une licornasse Men

<p> Here is a print that is more than original and funny. We see a beautiful unicorn proud and beautiful. Rainbow hair, and its horn is made of an ice cream cone. On the illustration, it is written in French: I am a licornasse. 50% unicorn and 50% bastard. </P> <h3> What is the origin of the unicorn? </H3> <p> The unicorn, sometimes called unicorn, is a legendary single horned creature. Its origin is the result of multiple stories and legend. The unicorn is a fusion between a rhinoceros and a horse. In Greek Unicorn means having only one horn. </P> <h3> What does the unicorn symbolize? </H3> <p> The unicorn is the symbol of purity and power. A fortiori, a unicorn can not be stupid and mean. His horn would even have the power to cure diseases! <h3> What is a slut? </h3> <p> A slut is a person who is a little unicorn. She has a little magic, madness, purity, but she is also a bitch. A conasse is a vulgar person, despicable and lacking in intelligence. </P> <p> Looking for another unicorn print? We propose: </p> <ul> <li> The unicorn baby </li> <li> The unicorn of video games </li> <li> The magic unicorn </li> <li> The demonic unicorn < / li> </ul>

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 Je suis une licornasse for Men T-Shirt
18.2 $

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