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Japan pop Wall clock

by Edwoody

Clock personalized with your own photos.
- Diameter 20 cm
- Smooth surface
- Rounded edge
- Hook for wall attachment on mechanism provided for easy application at home.

Submit the original and useful gifts, personalized with family photos for Christmas, Mother's Day, holidays grandmothers, etc.

Design Japan pop Wall

<p> In this illustration of artist Ed Woody, there are several mangas that have been referenced. EdWoody decided to make a pop art mix of the best manga that he saw or read. <H3> What are the best manga? </H3> <ol> <li> Princess Monoke </li> <li> Totoro <li> Porco Rosso </li> <li> Kiki the little witch </li> </ol> <p> And what is your favorite manga? You are rather Naruto, DragonBall or One Piece. On our site, you will find manga Tshirts, or even disney cases to protect your phone. </P>

 Japan pop for Wall clock
37.64 $

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