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Gilet Jaune Stop aux taxes Wall clock


Clock personalized with your own photos.
- Diameter 20 cm
- Smooth surface
- Rounded edge
- Hook for wall attachment on mechanism provided for easy application at home.

Submit the original and useful gifts, personalized with family photos for Christmas, Mother's Day, holidays grandmothers, etc.

Design Gilet Jaune Stop aux taxes Wall

<p> Want to support the movement of yellow vests against the government? Here is a printout on which it says Stop Gasoline Rises, Higher Taxes. Tired of being a cash cow? Join this pacifist group trying to be heard in the street. Protesters stand out because they wear a yellow safety vest. </P> <h3> Need a yellow vest per person in a vehicle </h3> <p> In your car, you need at least one next to the windshield to pass the dams! </p>

 Gilet Jaune Stop aux taxes for Wall clock
37.64 $

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