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florian thauvin Cigaret Electronic case with Necklace Lanyard

by sportShirt

Design florian thauvin Cigaret

<p> Florian Thauvin is one of the players of the France team who won the 2018 World Cup in Russia, with the coach didier deschamps. During the year he plays for the Olympique de Marseille under the command of rudi garcia. </P> <h3> Thauvin and the France team </h3> <p> Despite the fact that he is often called with his national selection. At EDF, he does not play often. At the 2018 World Cup, he played only a few minutes against Argentina. </P> <h3> Thauvin and Marseille </h3> <p> In the French league, it's quite different thing. Thauvin is part of the executives and important players of his club. He is used to dealing with the psg of kylian mbappé. </P> <p> He is dad with his wife Charlotte Pirroni since 2015. He is a very ambitious player, he affirmed in November 2018 that if 'OM did not play the league of champions next season, he would pack his suitcase to another club! </P>

 florian thauvin for Cigaret Electronic case with Necklace Lanyard
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