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Mew And Mewtwo Fanart case for Sony Xperia Sola


Mew And Mewtwo Fanart phone case

Mew and MewTwo are pokemon. Mewtwo is the mega mega evolution, there is also the mega-mewtwo X and mega-mewtwo Y. It's a pokemon psy type after the pokebip. In addition to being previewed in the annotated drawing of the same name. This character is a fighter in the video game super smash bros.

How to get Mew

This pokemon created by secret manipulation. Mew is a "nonexistent" Pokémon, therefore normally impossible to capture. As soon as you arrive at Azuria, do not enter the houses and especially not in the arena. Take care of your Pokémon then climb the big bridge to the north where you'll defeat a lot of trainers as well as Blue and a Rocket. Once the Rocket is defeated, save. And do not go fight the trainer on your left! It is essential for the future. Then continue a little to the East going up north, you arrive in a pile of tall grass. Capture an Abra here and then teleport to the Pokémon Center. Heal your Pokémon then save, and that's where it starts!

The trick is divided into 2 steps. If it does not work in one direction, try the other!

Step 1: Enter the arena and fight the first trainer on the right, this is a swimmer.

Step 2: Get out and climb the bridge up to one block north. Then get ready and simultaneously press the LEFT arrow on the multidirectional cross and the Start button. You will arrive in front of a trainer (he is hidden in the tall grass on the left) who will not be able to fight you although you are in his field of vision. Teleport with your Abra to the Pokémon Center (you'll see an exclamation point appear above the trainer if all goes well, but you'll manage to escape by teleporting).

Finally, after these two steps, go up the bridge, then at a certain moment (when the map will change color) Mew will appear! He will only be level 7 and with the attack crash. But it's well worth the effort!

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Production time : 9 days
Shipped between 27/04/2021 and 29/04/2021

This Mew And Mewtwo Fanart case by Mobilinnov represents excellent value for money as well as excellent protection for your Sony Xperia Sola. It is made from a tough polycarbonate, which will shield your device from impact damage and accidental drops.

Custom moulded to the Sony Xperia Sola, protecting all the corners and leaving cut-outs for the important features including the charging and headphone sockets.

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Keep the design of your Sony Xperia Sola with this slim protective shell. This Sony Xperia Sola case has a design developed in collaboration with KAVALLA named Mew And Mewtwo Fanart.

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