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Soul of Supernova case for Blackberry Bold 9780


Soul of Supernova phone case

Also known as Super Nova and Sunburst, is a recurring enemy ability. It usually deals a lot of non-elemental magic damage to all opponents. The same spell is also used by several enemies as a powerful shot intended to kill the group of players. Super Nova is a powerful attack used by Safer ∙ Sephiroth in the Final Fantasy VII role play.

Who is Sephiroth?

Member of the 1st class SOLDIER, he was considered by all as a hero thanks his exploits and his overpowering strength. After discovering false reports about his origins, he lost his reason. Believing himself then the only descendant of Cetra, he was convinced that the world should return to him.

Sephiroth quote

"I always knew, from childhood .. I was not like the others. I always knew that I was different. But I ... But I never imagined that. Am I ... a human being?

Origin of the name Sephiroth

The Sephiroth are ten creative powers enumerated by Kabbalah in its mystical approach to the mystery of Creation. Each Sephira is an emanation of an energy from the Creator God of the Jews. The Kabbalah treatises often present the Sephiroth in the form of a Tree of Life.

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Production time : 23 days
Shipped between 21/10/2020 and 23/10/2020

This Soul of Supernova case by Mobilinnov represents excellent value for money as well as excellent protection for your Blackberry Bold 9780. It is made from a tough polycarbonate, which will shield your device from impact damage and accidental drops.

Custom moulded to the Blackberry Bold 9780, protecting all the corners and leaving cut-outs for the important features including the charging and headphone sockets.

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Keep the design of your Blackberry Bold 9780 with this slim protective shell. This Blackberry Bold 9780 case has a design developed in collaboration with Donnie named Soul of Supernova.

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