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Snoop Dog Laptop briefcase 15" / Notebook / Tablet


Superb computer case with a unique print that allows you to store your laptop. Our bag is more than just a computer case or storage pouch. With our saddlebag you will be able to carry your laptop easily wherever you want without being afraid to damage your laptop. If you have a macbook or a pc, purchasing a bag is essential to preserve and protect your laptop during transport. In addition, unlike a case, a bag will also allow you to store accessories such as a mouse, a mouse pad, and of course your charger. But also documents and other working files.

<b>Our bag comes in two different sizes</b>

Our Medium Bag with a maximum dimension of 39 cm wide and 30 cm high will store your computers up to 15 "maximum.
Our XL Carry Case will allow you to hold your MAC or PC laptops up to 18 ".

The bag has two parts, each with its ZIP closure.

Carrying strap to carry the PC bag at your shoulder. The strap is removable (can be removed and refixed) and is adjustable in width according to your size.

Your A4 documents and accessories will find a place in the dedicated pockets while your multimedia accessories will remain safe in the dedicated compartment.

A back strap allows you to easily carry your computer bag when traveling by attaching the pc bag on a trolley or even on a trolley suitcase.

Design Snoop Dog Laptop

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 Snoop Dog for Laptop briefcase 15" / Notebook / Tablet
57.2 $

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