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Kilari Music Pop Star Baby short sleeve onesies


Design Kilari Music Pop Star Baby

<p> Kilari is a manga, and an animated series. We see a little girl of 14 years old. She falls in love with a famous singer: Seiji. To seduce her, she tries to become herself an idol singer, despite the various obstacles as well as the discouraging remarks of the second member of the Ships, Hiroto, an arrogant boy, always criticizing Kilari, but still flying to his rescue. The story revolves around a love triangle that is decided between Kilari, Hiroto and Seiji. </P> <h3> The characters </h3> <p> Kilari Tsukishima: She is a clumsy and very naive girl. Dream of becoming a great successful artist to bring happiness to his fans. </P> <p> Na-san: Kilari Cat. Despite his status as an animal, he remains the most intelligent character of the series </p> <p> Hiroto Kazama: 14 years old. Member of Ships. Unlike Seiji, he is direct and sometimes brutal with Kilari. </P> <p> Seiji Hiwatari: 14 years old then 15. Member of Ships. Nice, positive and considerate, he has a very special personality that does not allow us to know exactly what he is thinking about, but he is not in love with Kilari. </P>

 Kilari Music Pop Star for Baby short sleeve onesies
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