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Alice Jack Daniels Tatoo Baby short sleeve onesies

Design Alice Jack Daniels Tatoo Baby

<p> Want to dress your favorite product with a trendy and punk print? Here is an Alice in Wonderland wearing a jack daniels tshirt. The arms are covered with tattoo of all kinds. The young blonde seems pensive, still daydreaming? </P> <h3> Jack Daniels </h3> Jack Daniel's is an American distillery from Tennessee whiskey. The bottles are recognizable by their square shape and their black label. Our Swedish artist NG Design offers you an off-the-wall version of the jack daniels logo </p> <h3> Tattoos </h3> <p> A tattoo is a decorative and / or symbolic drawing made by injecting ink into the skin . Previously, it was done with Indian ink or inks made of coal or tallow. Nowadays it is more inks containing industrial pigments. </P>

 Alice Jack Daniels Tatoo for Baby short sleeve onesies
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