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Drapeau alsacien Alsace Lorraine Baby short sleeve onesies

Design Drapeau alsacien Alsace Lorraine Baby

<p> Proud to be Alsatian, here is the print you need to dress up your day, and protect your French region. </ p> <h3> History of the flag of Alsace </ h3> <p> flag of Haute-Alsace is red barred with yellow and adorned on both sides of the bar of three yellow crowns. The flag of Lower Alsace is red barred with white and adorned with white lace on both sides. The flag of Alsace is the fusion of the two Alsatian flags. </ P> <h3> Is it an Alsatian gift is made for me </ h3> <p> To find out, read these few sentences, and then look where you are. The 10 expressions that prove you are Alsatian! </ P> <p> 1. In France, when we sneeze, we say "Wishes," in Alsace, we say "Health!" </ P> <p> 2. You say "show me it" and "pass it to me" </ p> <p> 3. You "close" the light when you want to turn it off </ p> <p> 4. You say that in the weather they "want" good weather rather than predict ... </ p> <p> 5. You order Carola at the restaurant when you want water </ p> <p> 7. You answer "service!" when we say thank you </ p>

 Drapeau alsacien Alsace Lorraine for Baby short sleeve onesies
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