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Yu-Gi-Oh - Yugi Muto FanArt Baby short sleeve onesies


Design Yu-Gi-Oh - Yugi Muto FanArt Baby

The manga starring Yûgi Muto, a shy young schoolboy and expert in card games. One day, he receives from his grandfather an object found during a search in Egypt: the puzzle of the Millennium. No one had previously succeeded in reconstructing this ancient object, but the young Yuri finally succeeded in assembling it. At this moment, the spirit of an ancient Pharaoh of Egypt, hitherto locked up in the puzzle, who will come to live in Yugi's body, is released. He is sure of himself and never stops at nothing. However, few people are aware of the truth. The Pharaoh is a specialist in all types of games. He is also the master of the game of darkness. But for some unknown reason, he does not remember his past or who he is exactly. After successive clashes against his great rival Seto Kaiba at the duel of monsters (Magic & Wizard in the manga), he gradually discovered his true identity, that of a pharaoh who lived 3,000 years ago (5,000 years ago in the anime), and whose mind was sealed in the Millennium puzzle. The key to his victory over the evil forces of Egypt's reign was his own name.

 Yu-Gi-Oh - Yugi Muto FanArt for Baby short sleeve onesies
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