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Naruto Sakura Sasuke Team7 Baby short sleeve onesies


Design Naruto Sakura Sasuke Team7 Baby

<p> Team 7 is also known as the Kakashi Team. It includes the 3 most important members of Konoha. Naruto, Sakura and Sasuke. These 3 children grew up together, and endured the most difficult tests. Everyone wanted to be the best, and they both surpassed each other to reach levels of chakra never seen. </P> <h3> Naruto Uzumaki </h3> <p> Naruto finds the little one Sakura very pretty, he loves and does everything he can to seduce her (which he will never do). As for what he thinks of Sasuke, it's his best friend, and rival at the same time. </P> <h3> Sakura Haruno </h3> <p> Sakura does not support Naruto at first to admire him as the manga develops. Nevertheless, she remains passionately in love with Sasuke who will become her husband. <H3> Sasuke Uchiwa </h3> <p> Having had a traumatic childhood, he does not love anyone, and just wants to become the most powerful to achieve his revenge but his thirst for power will finally allow him to save the world. </p>

 Naruto Sakura Sasuke Team7 for Baby short sleeve onesies
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