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darling in the franxx Baby short sleeve onesies


Design darling in the franxx Baby

<p> Darling in the Franxx, is a manga, abbreviated DarliFra, is an animated television series. </p> <p> The story takes place in a universe where the Earth is nothing more than a huge desert swept by the winds. To survive, humans have built huge, mobile, dome-protected ecosystems called Plantation. But these structures, also sheltering cities, are regularly threatened by Kyôryû. To combat them, humans use giant mechas / robots called Franxx. These units are controlled by two pilots. Hiro, or Code 016, was trained to become a pilot in Planting 13. He meets Zero Two, a strange half-human girl, half-kyôryû with whom he is able to drive. </P>

 darling in the franxx for Baby short sleeve onesies
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