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Bluetooth Earphones with Charge Dock

Bluetooth Earphones with Charge Dock

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Bluetooth Earphones with Charge Dock
77.94 $

The Bluetooth stereo headphones come with their charging dock. Equipped with wireless technology you will no longer have to unravel the nodes. With its sleek design, you can make and receive calls safely in mono mode, and listen to your music tracks in stereo mode.

Enjoy your music freely, and make your calls without any constraints. Thanks to the earbuds, the headphones stay perfectly in place in your ears.

Compact charging dock like the airpods! The box allows you to charge the bluetooth headphones while carrying them.

Up to 3 hours on the move
Up to 60 hours standby
Bluetooth 5.0
Works with iphone & android phones

Included in the box
Dock of charge & transport
Charge cable

Bluetooth headset guaranteed 5 years by the manufacturer

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